Jacob Wainwright beside David Livingstone’s coffin; Livingstone’s tombstone; Livingstone’s funeral at Westminster Abbey.

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Lost Voices from the British Empire's Archives

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    1. Critically-Edited Archival Texts
      1. Selim Aga; Louis-Alexis Chamerovzow (second item only)
        The Niger Expedition
        Original Correspondence: West Africa
      2. Andries Botha
        Introduction to Andries Botha (dates unknown) Letter to [Harry Smith]. June 23, 1850
      3. [British] Government; Said Bin Habeeb
        Narrative of Said Bin Habeeb, An Arab Inhabitant of Zanzibar
      4. Semane Setlhoko Khama
        Letter to A.M. Chirgwin. 5 December 1934
      5. James MacQueen; Lief Ben Saeid; Thomas Wogga
        Notes on African Geography
      6. Ncwadi
        Gleanings and Glances” (Excerpt); “Letter from an African Chief
      7. NoSuthu
        Letter of Gratitude from a Kafir Woman
      8. James Read, Jr.
        Introduction to James Read, Jr. (c.1811-1894) Letter to J.J. Freeman. 23 May 1850
      9. Saleh Bin Osman
        Testimony. November 12, 1890
        The Story of My Life
      10. Sechele; David Livingstone
        Letter to Robert Moffat 1. [October 1852]
      11. Tiyo Soga
        Jubilee of the Venerable Patriarch Brownlee
      12. Benjamin Stone; Apolo Kagwa
        The Katikiro of Uganda and His Secretary. 1906
      13. Tippu Tip
        Tippoo Tib
      14. Jacob Wainwright
        Addition to David Livingstone's Field Diary XVII. April 28, 1873
        Extract from Diary. May-June 1873
        Inscription on the Tree at the Foot of which David Livingstone's Heart was Buried, May 4, 1873
        Letter to William O. October 1873
        Extract from Diary. [November 1873-February 1874]
        Letter to Joseph Moore. May 23, 1874
        Letter to Joseph Moore. July 10, 1874
        Jacob Wainwright
      15. Horace Waller; Lindesay Brine; James Chumah
        To the Editor of the Times
    2. Curated Historical Artifacts
      1. Anonymous. Abdullah Susi and James Chuma's Model of the Hut in which David Livingstone Died. [Late nineteenth or twentieth century].
      2. Anonymous. Abdullah Susi (Mislabeled Jacob Wainwright). [c.1874].
      3. Anonymous. “Apolo Kagwa, Katikiro of Uganda, and His Son”; “Ham Mukasa, with Father, Wife, and Children.” [Early twentieth century], [early twentieth century].
      4. Anonymous. E. Pauline Johnson. [Early twentieth century].
      5. Anonymous. E. Pauline Johnson. [Early twentieth century].
      6. Anonymous. E. Pauline Johnson. 1904.
      7. Anonymous. E. Pauline Johnson (with Facsimile Signature). [Early twentieth century].
      8. Anonymous. E. Pauline Johnson (with Facsimile Signature). [Early twentieth century].
      9. Anonymous. Edward Wilmot Blyden. [Late nineteenth or early twentieth century].
      10. Anonymous. Matthew Wellington. [1874 or later].
      11. Anonymous. Matthew Wellington. [1874 or later].
      12. Anonymous. Pandita Ramabai Sarasvati. [Late nineteenth century].
      13. Anonymous. Pandita Ramabai Sarasvati. 1898.
      14. Anonymous. Sarojini Naidu (with Facsimile Signature). [Early twentieth century].
      15. Anonymous. Sechele. [Second half of nineteenth century].
      16. Anonymous. Semane Khama and Children, Khama III’s Jubilee. 1911.
      17. Anonymous. Semane Khama, and Semane Khama and Schoolchildren (Collage Created by the London Missionary Society Editorial Office). [Early twentieth century].
      18. Anonymous. Swami Vivekanada. [c.1893].
      19. Anonymous. “‘Tshekedi [Khama] with the Small Chief for Whom He Acts as Regent [Seretse Khama] & Tshekedi’s Mother [Semane Khama].]’” [Early twentieth century].
      20. Anonymous, Anonymous, and Sergison Marega. “The Grave of Pauline Johnson in Stanley Park, Near Siwash Rock”; “Siwash Rock”; “The Spirit of Siwash Rock” . 1913, 1913, 1913.
      21. Henry Walter Barnett. Cornelia Sorabji (with Superimposed Facsimile Signature). [Late nineteenth or early twentieth century].
      22. Alexander Bassano. Ham Mukasa and Apolo Kagwa. [Early twentieth century].
      23. Bon Ale/Bin Aleī/Bon Ārie, and David Livingstone. Extract from David Livingstone's Field Diary III with Addition by Bon Ale/Bin Aleī/Bon Ārie. 19-20 May 1866.
      24. Elliott & Fry. Jacob Wainwright. [c.1874].
      25. Elliott & Fry. Jacob Wainwright with David Livingstone’s Coffin. 1874.
      26. [?] Gilbert. Tshekedi and Semane Khama. [Early twentieth century].
      27. Frederick Gutekunst. Pandita Ramabai Sarasvati (with Facsimile Signature). [Late nineteenth century].
      28. Neville Jones. Semane Khama. [Early twentieth century].
      29. E. Pauline Johnson. “And He Said ‘Fight On’” (facsimile of manuscript). [Early twentieth century].
      30. David Livingstone, and Unknown Arab and African Informants. Excerpt from David Livingstone’s Notebook with Swahili Vocabulary List and Arabic Numbers. [Between c.March 1866 and March 1870].
      31. J. Paul. “Pandita Ramabai & Her Gifted Daughter Manoramabai”. [Early twentieth century].
      32. Solomon T. Plaatje, Wakefield, and D. Taylor. Page Inscribed to Kelly Miller; Solomon T. Plaatje, Signed; Elizabeth Lilith M’belle (“Mrs. S.T. Plaatje”). 16 November 1921; [early twentieth century]; [early twentieth century].
      33. R. Allen & Son, Photos. James Chuma, Abudullah Susi, Agnes Livingstone, William Webb, Oswald Livingstone, Horace Waller, and Emilia Jane Webb with Lion Skin. 1874.
      34. R. Allen & Son, Photos. James Chuma and Abdullah Susi Beside Notebooks, Maps, and Other Personal Effects of David Livingstone. 1874.
      35. Wm. Fergusson & Co. Jacob Wainwright with David Livingstone’s Coffin and Some of Livingstone’s Travelling Trunks on Board the Ship ‘Malwa.’ 1874.
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