Addition to David Livingstone's Field Diary XVII

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11 o,cloak._night 28th. April

In the chest was found
about a shilling and
half, and in another chest
his hat, 1 watch, and 2
small boxes of measuring
instrument and on in each box
there was one. 1 com-
, 3 other kind of mea-
4 other kind of measur[-]
And in other chest 3
and half and half drachmas
half scrople.

Item Details

Author(s) & contributor(s): Jacob Wainwright

Date(s): 28 April 1873

Place(s) of creation: Chitambo's village

Form & transmission history: Addition in author's hand to a manuscript diary by a British explorer.

Object description: Bound beige diary pages with minor discoloration, with one hand in pencil with minor editing.

Repository: David Livingstone Centre (Blantyre, United Kingdom)

Shelfmark / Identifier: 360

Digital edition & date: One More Voice, 2020

Critical editing & encoding: Adrian S. Wisnicki, Heather F. Ball, Anne Martin, Kate Simpson, Christopher Lawrence

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