Extract from Diary

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            Dr Livingstones death.

Dr Livingstones disease increase from
river Chambezi. After leaving river Chambezi
came to the river Manikazi. The name of the
Chief man of the place is Katenkera where his
disease more and more increased. From here
we came to Kopa; the chief man on river
. From river Mitikira we came to
Lawam/ba, the chief man. The river name is
is Lookulu. From Mayawambe we began to carry
him in a cot. From here we proceeded to
Katangandyofu on borders of Wabisa country.
The river here is Lulimala. After crossing the
river Lulimala we entered on another and
new country. The native chief of this
place [is] named Kutumbo and the name of
his country is Muilala

                      Page (1) written by my uncle, Dr Christie
                      who at the time, was physician to
                      Burgash, Sultan of Zanzibar

0002<This page is blank in the original manuscript.>

Here after lodging one day the next day the ^ [      ] next
night he died on May 4th 1873. Next day that
is on May 5th we had no other remedy than
salting his body to preserve it from corruption
and when his belly was examined nothing was
found except black blood and also his lungs
were found wasted up. On the following day
we made ready a box or coffin. We generally
made our cottages around a large shady tree.
The name of this tree of this time is Mbura
on which we carved an inscription as Dr Livings-
; May 4th 1873
. And also the names of three
leader Jazuza, Manyasere & Chopere.

          Onward March to home.

When we saw our master was dead we had
no need to proceed further, but return to Zanzibar
carrying with us the corpse. We had lived 12
days in the town of Veitumba, and in the fol-
day we began our march at lenght.

We came to a town the important chief is
Manawam-Gungu. We had lived several days
here for the sake of sickness. All the people in
our caravan were sick, by the exception of five
or six. On the 25th of June we had arrived
on the banks of Lwapla the same river Cham-

This river is very broad and important. It
flows Eastward or towards the sunset. The
Chief or Sultan of this place [is] named Kasa-
. When we were crossing this river
we nearly came upon a fighting, and the nati-
would hardly give their canoes. When we
were arrived on the other side of Lwapla, that
is the country of Kawenday. This country is
reported to be full of wild animals, as lion,
tiger, & elephants, & it is very true. For in
the same night about 10 o'clock, when we were
all asleep, two or couple of lions came & killed
our fine donkey. which had been useful to us
for the sick persons. That night we did not
have any sleep by the roarings of the lions.
But we kept watch & fired at them when
they attempted to come near. We had some
fear that they might come again & fall upon
human-beings. The natives and all the peo-


                        sleep by the roarings of the lions.

                        But we kept watch & fired
                        at them when they attempted to
                        come near. We had some fear
                        that they might come again &
                        fall upon human-beings. The na-
and all the people


                        Part of
                        original diary
                        of the men who
                        carried Livingstone's
                        body down
                        to the coast

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