Acc 12444             May 23rd 1874

                                    South Kensington

Dear Sir

        I have received your letter
dated May 11th and read it and
understood every word of it when
I was first starting to Sheffield
with Mr Hutchinson, w^here we saw
many wonderful works. I am
sorry to say I did not answer you
[as] soon as possible. However I was
enquiring the edress of my letter
to you. I wish to tell you in few words
as possible how I met Livingston &
how did I joined him. I was sent by
Mr Price from Bombay who was
then my pastor to join the Livingstone
Search Expedition
, and so we went
on and we met and found Livingstone
in the cent[ ]ral Africa, in the place
called Unyanyembe about the
month of July 1872, we travelled
with him for 10 months, all
the time he was suffering very
much from his original desease
till we came at the place called
Ilala where he died. It must
be remembered that it was ^ entirely our
own sonce or consultation to pre-
the body as to bring it
to the coast. It was then pre[-]
merely on salt and
brandy, it was then put in a rude
[      ] cof^fin made of bark of a tree
thus we conveyed the body on a
dangerous and toilsome journey
of 11 (eleven) months. He died on
the 4th day of May 1873, we
arrived on the coast at Zanzibar
on the ending of Feb 1874
I started with the body and embar[-]
on steamship on the 12th of
March from the island of Zanzibar
and arrived at Southamton with
the body on the 15th of April
I have to remain in England
for few months more - while
that time I hope to study
something that I may be able
to labour under Missionaries
of ^ the Church of East Africa

I have visited many places
in England, and lastly I have
visited Windsor Castle and had
coversation with the Queen
Her majesty presented me
a beautiful book.

                    I remain yours

                                Jacob Wainwright

8 Sumner place
Anslow square
(where I dwell)