Letter to Joseph Moore

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Acc 12444        Kessingland Suffolk

                                        July 10th 1874

Dear Sir

          I am sorry to say that
your pen and mine for a long time
did not converse with each other.
I have wrritten to you since I have
received that book and the tracks
and the photo-graphs from you
and I think twice. I am now
dewelling in Suffolk in the
village Kessingland by name
about 900 or more people in the
village. on the north of this village
there is a place called Lowestoft -
the most easterly p^oint of England
many people come to bathe here
on account of the fine weather
But most of the people come in
the summer season.

0002<This page is blank in the original manuscript.>

I am now staying with Revd W. S
who is taking the s^uprintend[-]
of the East African mission
and probably we shall go together
after a month or so. His wife is
also going with him,   to Mom[-]
near Zanzibar, were the
mission stations is to be started.
My kind regards to all in
your house, and I will add
that you will inform one
in answering this letter.

      The adress of your letter
    should be ----
Mr Jacob Wainwright
c/o Revd W. S Price

0004<This page is blank in the original manuscript.>

Item Details

Author(s) & contributor(s): Jacob Wainwright

Date(s): 10 July 1874

Place(s) of creation: Kessingland Suffolk

Form & transmission history: Manuscript letter in author’s hand.

Object description: Gray four-page/one-sheet letter, with one hand in dark gray ink; triangular excision on last page.

Repository: National Library of Scotland (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

Shelfmark / Identifier: Acc. 12444

Digital edition & date: One More Voice, 2020

Critical editing & encoding: Heather F. Ball, Adrian S. Wisnicki

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