Letter to J.J. Freeman

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                                                    May 23. 1850

My dear Mr Freeman

                    Owing to the detentions of
the past by the rains and my absence into
Caffreland for the recovery of Mrs Read,
and one of our childrens healths I could
not reply to yours of the 4 ultimo till now.

1[.] I shall take the earliest opportunity of communicating
with Mr Ulbrecht about his son.

2. I have not had any recent information
about Madoors country - however I dont hear
a word now about the task - On Campbell
shaking his tardant over Sir H by the
publication of your letter may for
the present [      ] farther proceedings –
I met Mr Calderwood yesterday & he
told me that the Boors have been causing
a disturbance among the Tambookies, that is
they have threatened to drive them out
of their country & that Govt he had advised
the Govt to send a force to apprehend
the [ ]ringleaders among the Boors - but
that Sir H shrinks from it - It is to be
borne in mind that He first promised
the Boors that he would parcel out
Tambooland among them - I think
Sir A spoke about it to you.

3. "How are you likely to be offended by the
constitution "–?" If justice is done there & is if
all who have property to the amount of 50 £
be fit for electons then will be nearly 7 or 7800 be
have the right of electing as nearly all the
erfs are valued by the Road Board at
from 50 to 70 £ –     The diagram should
be issued immediately as their ostensible reason
for not building good houses is for
want of that & the ^ want of security & sense of security
of life and property - The Natives look on
the present peace as a hushed volcano = therefore
they are disinclined to build at least for the
present -

4. The holder of lands at Kat River may sell
and transfer their lands - & therefore it is very
likely in a short the lands may fall into the
hands of others —

5[.] The only thing that can put off this is that the
English Protection Society buy up all vacant
erfs & sell them again to other industrious
Natives - This There is no risk in such
a plan. The old English anti-slavery &
Protection Societies must not abandon
the Natives

6. I am not of opinion that the Natives will
suffer greatly from the Establishment of a
representative assembly - but more from a
federal union -

7 I shall write to Mr [      ] by next
post about the accounts -

I intent this merely as an outline of my
views - but I shall write deliberately write in
the conjunction with my father & drink
to the Mission Bloomfield [      ]

Be so kind my dear Sir as to present
my kindest regards to Mrs Freeman
& your excellent daughters & believe me

                    Yours respectfully & affectionately

                                                James Read

Item Details

Author(s) & contributor(s): James Read, Jr.

Date(s): 23 May 1850

Place(s) of creation: Philipton

Form & transmission history: Manuscript letter in author’s hand.

Object description: White four-page/one-sheet letter, with one hand in dark brown ink with minor editing.

Repository: University of London. School of Oriental and African Studies (London, United Kingdom)

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