Letter to A.M. Chirgwin

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27 Dec 1934


Kgotla ea Kgosi,

Ribbon-like shape around a deer; "WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE" written on ribbon. Serowe,                                                
Palapye Road,                                
Bechuanaland Protectorate.
December 5th, 1934.        

Rev. A. M. Chirgwin,
        London Missionary Society,
                Livingstone House,
                        B r o a d w a y ,
                                        London,     S.W.1.

My dear Missionary,

                        I thank you very much for your letter
of the 6th November last, and it gives me great pleasure
to know, as I have always known, that we out here are
constantly in your minds and prayers.

                        I am glad also to know that you are
being informed of what is happening in Serowe in regard to
the women's work to which Mrs. McIntosh has so generously
given her untiring services. We Native women derive very
much benefit from the instructions and the guidance given
by kind people like Mrs. McIntosh, Sister Haile, Mrs. Shaw
etc., and I think it is because of the services of these
that there are rapid changes in the mode of living of our
Native women and the tribe as a whole.

                        Your visit, which to us here was rather
a short one, is nevertheless indelibly printed in our
minds. During Tshekedi's troubles we observed keenly your
untiring assistance to his cause, because we had made our
acquaintance with you.

                        May God spare you in order that your
service and influence may be felt, not only in the
.......... Bamangwato/
– 2 –
Bamangwato country but all over the world where the up-
lifting of the backward races is sought.

                        Again thanking you for your letter,
and with the good wishes of the Season from both Tshekedi
and self.

                                        Yours very sincerely,

                                                Semane Khama

Item Details

Author(s) & contributor(s): Semane Setlhoko Khama

Date(s): 5 December 1934

Place(s) of creation: Serowe, Palapye Road, Bechuanaland Protectorate

Form & transmission history: Typewritten letter with signature in author's hand.

Object description: Off-white two-sided typed letter on letterhead with closing signature in author's hand.

Repository: University of London. School of Oriental and African Studies (London, United Kingdom)

Shelfmark / Identifier: CWM/LMS/South Africa/Incoming Correspondence/Box 97/Semane

Digital edition & date: One More Voice, 2020

Critical editing & encoding: Heather F. Ball, Adrian S. Wisnicki

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