57                                 October 8th 1845

            Honoured Fathers, and respected friends
of the London Missionary Society

                        I have always been deeply
concerned about the education of my children,
but never more so than at the present time
  I always had a wish to send my children out
of Cafferland to some good school; but notwas not
able to do it both for want of a place to send
them as well as that my pecuniary circumstances
did not admit of it.

                        You will have heard with much
greif that two of my sons have adopted the
customs of our heathen ancestory which while
it deeply greives me has done great injury to
the cause of God.

                            This event made me doubly
anxious to send my younger children to school
  I have therefore sent three of my daughters
to a school established at the English Residency
in Tyumie Vale Cafferland by the Lady of the
welknown Diplomatic Agent and freind of the
Native tribes of this country and kept by an
exelent young lady from the Church of our
friend Mr Jack of Bristol

                    At this school are at present 21
children who are fed and clothed, with one
exception gratuitously, Miss Harding has
hitherto cheifly depended for support to herself
and pupils on Mrs Stretch and a few freinds

                From my place I have sent 8 children
now while I hope that I shall try to do what I can
for my children, I feel that I shall not be able
to do what I ought, My object in writing is kindly
to request the Directors to assist me, to meet
the expence connected with their education
whilest it will be gratifying to my feelings as
a Christian parent, it will redound to the good
of Gods cause generally, as the Tyumie Seminary
for the instruction of young females is one of the
best establishments of the kind in Cafferland.

        Will you allow me Reverand Gentleman
to recommend it to you, and the churches generally
in England

                                        I remain
                                                Yours very sincerely
                                                        Jan Tzatzoe

0003<This page is blank in the original manuscript.>


            45/46     No 5

Caffreland, Octr 8. 1845
        Jan Tzatzoe,

Ansd through
Dr Philip

        S. C. 26 Jan. 1846

                                Coai ll

9/                         [      ]
            Revd J. Arundel 2
                    Secry Lon. Miss Socty
                        Finsbury Square

Received Decr 20. 1845.