Balcones - York–
, Edinburgh
                                        9th May 1846

My Dear Sir -   I have just received
your letter of 4th May inviting
me to attend the anniversary
of the British and Foreign Anti
-Slavery Society
"which it is in-
shall be holden in London
on the 18th May["] -   Please accept
my thanks for your cordial
invitation and ^ allow to express my
regret that such are my engage-
in Scotland at this time &
the time specified for your
anniversary it will be impossible
for me to comply.

The present position of what is
called the Free Church, in regard
to Christian fellowship with Ameri-
Slave holders
-   and the approach[-]
meeting of in this city of
its general assembly together
with the present State of the
Public mind on this question
makes this the time, & Scotland
the place for all my effort
I deem it of the utmost importance
to the cause of emancipation - that
British Christians of all denominations
should declare non fellowship to
slave holders, or churches to which
slave holders are admitted to
membership.   To this point all
my efforts are directed[.]   Slave holding
exists in the United States, because
it is reputable, and it is reputable
in the United States, because it is
not so disreputable out of the
United States as it ought to be.
My work ^ therefore is to make slavery dis[-]
.   I cannot do this while
Christian churches in this country
are extending the hand of Christian
fellowship - to the slave holders &
indorsing their characters
as good Christians.

Thus far my labors in this
direction have been crowned
with every encouragement.
The United Secession Synod
now in session, in this city
last night came to the almost
unanimous decision to refuse
Christian fellowship to slave holders
or churches which fellowship
slave holders.   The Relief Synod is
to meet here on Monday - and
a similar result is expected.

                  I am Dear Sir,
                      very respectfully
John Scoble, Esq.         Frederick Douglass