Recd Oct 16/75

C.C.F. 10.9

HW. 20/10

                      78                 19

Mombasa East Africa.

            September 15th 1875


My dear Sir

            Much thanks to you & to
your family. I have received the knife
which you have kindly sent me.
It is the best, useful & most va-
knife I ever had. I shall
take great care of it one would
take much interest to see it.
I am still at Kisulutimi. I am going
on with the school with few child-
to which some are added from
the rescued slaves. May Heaven
conduct and help us in this & this
may be the means of bringing the route
  to the eternal joy.



I have received the letter from Dr
. There are much work going on
at Frere Town. The consul was very -
much delighted with the place.

Mr Sparshott will be soon coming.
  Please to give my best regards to
  Winifred & Claude. I have a great de-
to come and see you once more.

                                I remain yours
                                        affect & grateful
                                    Jacob Wainwright