Recd July 4/76




        (not to be copied)

May 2nd 1876

My dear Papa

                I have given a month's
notice to Mr Handford to leave
the work of the school entirely.
It must by no means lead you
to think that I dislike it al[-]
; but I am delighted in this
great work I have been working
as you know here and in Rabai
without showing any sign of disa[-]
and ^ now what makes me to have
some dislike of it? It is not the
work itself but freedom in teaching
I wish that it were given to me
to undertake another bra^nch of
the same work; that is to make
an infant school in another
place, (it may be sure that there
are more slaves to come), it should
be under my own guidance.
I know at present there is
danger for me in getting no
work, as there are plenty to
do here.

                        I remain yours
                        J. Wainwright