C                         Ockham School
                                    April 23rd. 1853

Dear Sir

        I thank you for the very
interesting & instructive Address,
which you were kind enough to send
me.     I quite agree with you, that
if ^ it is closely adhered to, will do much
to remove the unrighteous & gallding
yoke, which is now crushing over three
millions of my unfortunate country men
in to a premature grave.

However, it is a great consolation
to know that God is just, & all
history proves, that He will not
suffer any class of tyrants to out
rage & brutify his helpless creatures,
& escape with impunity.

I also feel very greatful to
you for the Reporter, for I have
been more than interested in the
recent mumbers.

                        Yours very truly
                                        Wm Craft

Mr. Chamerovzow

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