Letter to [Unknown]

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    12 Cambridge Road C30/10
                        March 18/63

        I fear you have for-
gotten to send me the paper
for this month.

Please send it by reply

I am Sir
            Yours truly
                                E Craft

to the Clarke

replied to

Item Details

Author(s) & contributor(s): Ellen Craft

Date(s): 18 March 1863

Place(s) of creation: 12 Cambridge Road Hammersmith

Form & transmission history: Manuscript letter in author’s hand.

Object description: Off-white one-page/one-sheet letter; author's hand in brown ink; with return receipt in second hand.

Repository: Bodleian Library (Oxford, United Kingdom)

Shelfmark / Identifier: MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18, C30/10

Digital edition & date: One More Voice, 2021

Critical editing & encoding: Hope McCaffrey, Lucy McCann, Adrian S. Wisnicki

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