Reply in nega-
- sent Dec 9, 1867


                          4 Lawn Place
                          Shepherd's Bush

Wm. Craft, Esq             Dec 5th 1867

To/The Committee of
    The National Freedmen's Aid Union


                        Being deeply
interested in the noble
work in which you are
engaged — I take the liberty
of writing to say that I
shall be glad to labour
in connection with
the Freedmen's Aid Union
if you think my services
can be usefully imployed

    I am, Gentlemen,
    Your obedient servant
                    Wm Craft

  That the Committee regret that, under
present circes, they have no op[e]n[in]g for
a from
[  ] for his services:

  Moved by Chairman
        ————      E. M.