Huntly Lodge
                              August 31

My dear Mr Chesson

              I wrote you yesterday,
thanking you for past favours
& now am about to ask for

  The enclosed was recd this
morng & I have answered it
by saying that I am sendg
cheque for £2 to you – for
proceeds of Wh he might
call at yr office in the course
of two or three days.

I mention to do this – first
because I thot the poor
youth might not understand
exactly what to do with the
cheque & also, in the hope
that you might kindly give
him advice wh he ^ is clearly
greatly in need of & wh I
have myself given him
– viz – that he wd act most
unnecessarily to give up the
certainty of – 12/ a week
until he had really
found something better.
I have also tried to shew
him the extreme folly of coming
here – where every opening
  is overstaked & where I knew



of no one who could help
him – telling him the re-
wd probably be, that
he wd find himself in a
strange place without the
means of support – in ad-
to the folly of wasting
money on the long journey.

His father was my guest
many years ago & I fear the
poor lad may^be finding he
too can walk in & stay
till he finds occupation!!

    I am a little afraid he does
not like work – but you
will give him wise counsel,
I do not doubt – please also
to give him to understand
that I have done all I can
for him. Between you & me –
Should it seem best to send
him back to his a father
I wd help you in doing so –

    Excuse all the trouble
I give you – & believe me
very sincerely your's

                EP. Nichol