35 Charlotte St.
  Mr. Le Jeune             Fitzroy Square,
                                              August 12/82

F.W. Chesson Esqr.
                    17 King William St.

Dear Sir,

              You will see, as above,
that I have changed my address,
caused by my being actuated by a
desire to economize to a minimum,
and I am now ensconced in
cheaper lodgings. I am still
occupied, Iand am expecting
an increase of salary very shortly,
when (D.V.) I shall be all right.
Did you write to Mr. Noble the late
Mr. Harper Twelvetree's son-in-
law, concerning me. If you have
not done so, you need not bother
yourself as I am determined
to hold out where I am. I have
been quite unwell of late,
suffering from my old
complaint, rheumatism, superinduced
by an attack of Yellow Fever
I contracted in 1876 in America.
I wrote to R. N. Fowler Esq.m.p. as
I understood he was acquainted
with my parents, and stated
that I should be glad if he
would assist me with the advance of a few £'s
and I do not think I shall be doing amiss by
enclosing his reply [      ]in yours.   I know that you will
speak a good word for me, and you can rest
assured that I shall be very grateful and
will not annoy you again. Trusting your
family & self are well & to have a line from
you before I answer Mr. Fowler instructing me
what course to pursue. I am.

                                                    Yr. obt & grateful servant,

                                                                      W.I. Craft.

0004<This page is blank in the original manuscript.>