Ways Sta
                                  Bryan Co Ga
                                        3 - 31 - 82

Mrs E.P. Nichols,

            Dear Madam,

                            My son William
writes to tell me of your ex
kindness towards him
in England, and I am sure
I am at a loss to know exactly
how to thank you

His Father & myself have tried
to pursuade him to remain
a short time longer in the
old Country, that is to say,
if he could procure employ-
, it being so very much
easier for a man of color
to succeed in the race of life
particularly if he has in
any way had much to do
with politics, the Southrons
being still very much envenom-
towards men of that class
We were very pleased to hear
that you were still spared
to carry on your long
life of kindness & use[-]
to the needy, &
trust that you may live
many years longer.

                    I remain,
            Your obedient Servant,
                        Ellen Craft  .

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