The Railways & Metropolitan Omnibus Company Limited,
                                  18, Queen Victoria Street, E.C.
                                London, Decr. 223nd 1881

Mrs E.P. Nichols,

                            Kind Friend,

                                                  I wrote to you some little time ago
but of course I did not expect an answer as you informed
me that writing was considerable trouble to you. I am sure
I wish you many a "Merry happy Christmas" and a "Happy New Year" &
that God's blessings will be showered down upon you. I
think that the note I forwarded you promising to pay the
money you loaned me does not come due until Jany. 15th.
I have been compelled to pawn my overcoat since I wrote
you last but everything will be all right soon as I have
been promised an increase of salary at the beginning of
the New Year. If you have read the papers published here you
have doubtless noticed the advertisement of the Haverly
from America[.]   I think they will be in Glasgow
soon, they had quite a successful time of it here.

        If you could conveniently renew my note for three months
longer I think I shall be able to pay you all by the time
it has expired if not I shall do my best to let you have some by
the time thisthat ^ one falls due. I have lived very economically of late
and am striving to do the best I can on my 12p however
you can rest assured that I shall never bother you again
for any further sums.   I send you a small Christmas
Card. Hoping to hear from you & wishing you good
health.   I remain,

                                  Yours Faithfully,

                                                                W.I. Craft.