W. I. Craft.

Railways & Metropolitan Omnibus Company Limited.

          16, Devonshire Chambers
                    Bishopsgate Street Without,

                London, E.C. May 3rd 1882

  Mrs. E.P. Nichols,

                    Kind Friend,

                              I received yr.
kind note today for which
please accept my thanks.
I had not the slightest idea
of having stated that your
letter had created any ill-feeling
as I fully know that if it
had not been for your generosity
I might now have been languishing
in the Workhouse or some prison.
Dear Friend you cannot know
nor imagine that flow of gratitude
that fills my heart when I
think of your goodness, but if
you will only recall your statement
about the last assistance, I
will be eternally grateful. I am
almost on the "ragged edge of
despair" for "a season" but
will eventually get off. I
am going back to America in the
Autumn for sure. If you
accede to what I asked you
for £3 I shall be all right.
Please remember this is the
last time I shall ever annoy
you in this world. Long life &
good health. I am,

                            Yours Gratefully

P.S.                                   W.I. Craft.

I feel confident you will reconsider
      your last "ultimatum" Hoping to hear from you soon.