The Railways & Metropolitan Omnibus Company Limited,

                          18, Queen Victoria Street, E.C.
                          London, August 25th 1881   


          I have to acknowledge the receipt of your
"postal" for which accept my thanks.

                            I am at present employed tempor-
at the above address, as messenger, and
my salary is so small that it does not admit
of my buying anything whatever for myself,
12p a week is not enough with which to buy food.
so if you will try & obtain what I asked by
Saturday, I think I shall be all right as there
is a meeting of the Directors to day and I
expect my case will be heard.

I have acquainted my family of the kindness
I have received at your hands.

Trusting to hear from you and that your family
& self are well.                                       I am

P.S. Please address me at 12 Blue Cross St.        Yr. obt. servant
                                                Haymarket S.W.                WI Craft.