“The Hindus”

BIPOC Voices in the Victorian Periodical Press

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[...] We have been particularly struck with the following noble testimony to the power of the Gospel, delivered by a native Teacher, of the name of Gungaram, when on a Missionary tour in Gujerat with the Rev. W. Clarkson, of the London Missionary Society, early in the present year—

"We do not want you to receive what we offer on our mere word. We have tried the power of this medicine for the sin of the world, and, having found it effectual to ourselves, offer it to you. Look at me. I was formerly a great liar, and was always deceiving and telling lies in my trade. I was also little conscious that in doing so I was committing great sin. This word came to me. As I received it, and understood it, I learned to hate lying. Still, I did not at once abandon it, as the habit was so strong. But as I learned still more and more, and prayed more and more, and knew the death of Christ for sin more and more thoroughly, I was enabled to leave off the sin. I do not say that I am yet free from the sin; but this I say, that if I lie I sincerely repent of it, and am made very unhappy till I have obtained pardon. And so, likewise, with other sins. I do not say that I am perfect; but I do say that I have actually left off those sins which formerly I practised, so that if I were to do what is sinful I should be rendered miserable.

"Now, I never learned purity from reading about Krishna's wicked conduct, as recorded in the Shasters. I never learned to hate any sin, from all my knowledge of the gods of India, but from this word. The word of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of sinners, who died for us, I have learned, and hope to go on learning till I shall be taken away from sin altogether."

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Title: “The Hindus”

Creator(s): Anonymous; [W. Clarkson]; Gungaram

Publication date: (1852) 2022

Digital publishers: One More Voice, COVE

Critical encoding: Kenneth C. Crowell, Cassie Fletcher, Jocelyn Spoor, Adrian S. Wisnicki

One More Voice identifier: liv_026014

Cite (Chicago Author-Date): Anonymous, [W. Clarkson], and Gungaram. (1852) 2022. “The Hindus.” Edited by Kenneth C. Crowell, Cassie Fletcher, and Jocelyn Spoor. In “BIPOC Voices,” One More Voice, solidarity edition; Collaborative Organization for Virtual Education (COVE). https://onemorevoice.org/html/bipoc-voices/digital-editions-amd/liv_026014_HTML.html.

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