(Left Title page: Eighty-Second Report of the London Missionary Society for the Year Ending May 1st, 1876. (Right) Title page: Juvenile Missionary Magazine.

Periodical Pieces

Author: Adrian S. Wisnicki (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Copyeditor: Dino Franco Felluga (Purdue University)

Date (publication and updates): 2022

BIPOC Voices in the Victorian Periodical Press

Author: Adrian S. Wisnicki (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Copyeditor: Dino Franco Felluga (Purdue University)

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  2. Timeline: Periodical Pieces
    1. 1800s
    2. 1820s
    3. 1840s
    4. 1850s
    5. 1870s
    6. 1900s
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This page serves as the gateway to a series of 61 pieces from the Victorian missionary periodical press plus 3 bonus texts. Each of these pieces centers on or includes the representation of a unique BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) voice. Collectively, the pieces offer a sample of the 250+ such pieces identified by the “BIPOC Voices in the Victorian Periodical Press” project (2021-22). The scale of this number – itself based only a limited review of relevant missionary periodicals – underscores the vast number of BIPOC voices remaining to be identified in these periodicals.

As noted above and elsewhere, the “BIPOC Voices” project reveals the need of treating these represented voices with exceptional critical caution. Nonetheless, the voices offer the promise of access to BIPOC perspectives usually excluded from relevant literary and historical studies. The voices encompass both women and men, of varying ages, from a variety of locations now associated with the Global South. As a whole, the pieces take up the introduction and evolution of Christianity in these global locations.

The timeline below, as its format suggests, presents these pieces in chronological order. For each piece, we include date, title, creators, and a short segment of suggestive “teaser” text to indicate the overall focus of the piece. A set of graduate students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Purdue University, and elsewhere encoded these pieces in HTML. The pieces then underwent further development for inclusion on One More Voice and COVE. Except for a few outliers, the pieces fall into a handful of nineteenth-century decades which defined and controlled the scope for the “BIPOC Voices” project.

For most of the pieces, our project provides the relevant segment of text plus some amount of surrounding contextual material. We mark contextual omissions with an ellipsis in square brackets (i.e., [...]). We also present each piece with full metadata, including details for accessing the original periodical in question (in cases of pieces from Special Collections, SOAS Library) or the digital representation (in case of pieces from Adam Matthew Digital). Our team encoded the 3 “bonus” texts during the period in question, although these texts do not come from missionary periodicals.

In all cases, we urge users – when possible – to consult the original physical copies of the periodicals in question. Such consultation will provide the best full textual and material context for any subsequent critical analysis. Additionally, the peer-reviewed critical essays published by our project illuminate select strategies for engaging with the production history and topics reflected in these pieces. Finally, the “BIPOC Voices” project also includes a selection of other critical materials that users may find helpful for working with the pieces.

Timeline: Periodical Pieces


South African Mission

Creator(s): Anonymous; [South African Missionary Society]; Jan; Karolus

... two [letters] from bastard Hottentots, with which we doubt not that the friends of the Society, and of the Gospel, will be gratified. The work of God is evidently begun among this poor people....

July 1822

Caffres. Extract from a Letter from Mr Brownlee to John Philip

Creator(s): [John Philip]; Brownlee

... and from what I can learn from close observation, it appears there is a sort of general desire for teachers expressed by many of the distant Caffres....

December 1823

Africa. Character of Africaner

Creator(s): [John] Philip; Edward Edwards; Anonymous

... Our readers are in some measure acquainted with the character of this remarkable man, whose conversion and subsequent conduct display one of the most striking instances of the power of renewing grace with which we are acquainted....

August 1826


Creator(s): Anonymous; John Owen's Reader; Henry Venn's Reader; George Burder's Reader

... One man approving of what was read, at the same time exclaimed, "All gods are alike." I showed him that there could be but one true God, and that those who know him truly will worship no other ...

September 1826

East Indies. Combooconum

Creator(s): Anonymous; William Clapham's Reader; William Cooper's Reader; Inverkeithing's Reader

... I said, God also had been long speaking to them providentially, by sending the cholera, and with-holding the usual rain. They said, "Well then, we will give up our idols." ...

September 1849

India. Native Female Education

Creator(s): Anonymous; Chenjee; Tooloosee; Lutchmee

... By the favour of God I attend the Mission school at Bellary supported by you, and endeavour to learn my lessons well. I read the Word of God daily, and every Sabbath morning I repeat my lessons for the week....

April 1850

New Zealand

Creator(s): Anonymous; Reweti Maika; David Taiwanga

... He is the spring of the water of life: these are the riches I am seeking after. As soon as I was baptized I built a House of Prayer for my people, and fenced it in...

November 1850

India. Bellary

Creator(s): Anoymous; Poonapun; Authautchee

... and, feeling desirous to put on the Lord Jesus by baptism, and unite with his people, I made my mind known to Mr. Shrieves, who after instructing me, baptized me on February 17, 1850, with my husband, and admitted me into church-fellowship.....

December 1851

The Hottentot Rebellion

Creator(s): Anonymous; Adam Kok; Willem Uithaalder

... As we, the poor oppressed Hottentot race, are the objects of the war at present carried on here, and having for a considerable time been oppressed by the unjust English settlers ...

April 1851

New-Zealand Chiefs in Committee Drawing Up a Reply to the Society's Jubilee Letter

Creator(s): Anonymous; R. Taylor; Tamehana Te Rauparaha; Matini Wiwi

... We have seen and felt the power of the Gospel, for all our old customs have been given up through its instrumentality. Now [that] we have begun a new work let us not go back, but strive to go forward....

May 1851

The Amazons

Creator(s): Anonymous; Anonymous

...That night is changed to day;
We know to whom to pray;
We know that Jesus gave
His precious life our souls to save.....

May 1851

A Converted Brahmin's Account of Himself

Creator(s): Anonymous; Narain Rao

... and there, in conversation on the Christian religion with several of the converts, my few remaining doubts were removed, and my desire of becoming a Christian was confirmed. ...

August 1851

Karepa, of Te Hawera

Creator(s): Anonymous; W. Colenso; Anonymous

... Yes, I saw a Missionary's face; I sat in his cloth house [tent]; I tasted his new food; I heard him talk Maori. My heart bounded within me; I listened; I ate his words....

September 1851

Stedfast Faith—Mark X. 29, 30

Creator(s): Anonymous; Thomas King

... This morning I went with the Rev. H. Townsend to see a sick Candidate, who had sent to him earnestly requesting to have the sacrament of baptism administered to him, as he found his sickness gradually gaining the mastery....

October 1851

The Outcast from China Brought Safely Home

Creator(s): Anonymous; John Dennis Blonde

... So I go with soldiers, and they take me on board the 'Blonde;' and then Captain Foster bring me all over the sea to England, where God has given me kind friends, who tell me about Jesus Christ....

April 1852

The Hindus

Creator(s): Anonymous; [W. Clarkson]; Gungaram

... I was formerly a great liar, and was always deceiving and telling lies in my trade. I was also little conscious that in doing so I was committing great sin. This word came to me. As I received it, and understood it, I learned to hate lying....

March 1852

Indian Snake-Catcher

Creator(s): Anonymous; Anonymous

... he, with singular presence of mind, wrote with chalk on the table—"A serpent has killed me." Suddenly, however, that promise of the Saviour darted into his mind, "They shall take up serpents, and shall not be hurt" ...

June 1852

Letter to the Committee from the Bereaved Flock of the Rev. J.J. Weitbrecht

Creator(s): Philip Chunder Doss; Elijah Mudul; Nudia Chund Doss; Boistom Doss; Abraham Buxy; Gonesh Chundroo; Boycontoo Chundro; Thomas Christian; William Buckey; Timothy Christian

... With deep regret and unspeakable sorrow we now announce the death of our faithful, honourable, and beloved minister and friend, Mr. Weitbrecht ...

September 1852

Tamahana Te Rauparaha

Creator(s): Anonymous; Tamahana Te Rauparaha

... I told them not to make little houses, Maori way, but like English, with two rooms and a chimney, and only one family to live in one house. Then I built my house....

October 1852

Adult Sunday-Schools Among the Nestorians

Creator(s): Anonymous; Yonan

... I thought I had better teach the old women, because they are very ignorant, and very little esteemed in this country. I desired from all my heart to take pains with them....

October 1852

The Dahomians

Creator(s): Anonymous; Trudo Audato

... The king's head we have preserved to this day, with flesh and hair on; the heads of his generals we distinguished by giving them places on each side of the doors of our fetish houses ...

October 1852

Tamahana Te Rauparaha

Creator(s): Anonymous; Tamahana Te Rauparaha

... Now you have finished the food for the body, I will tell you the other food for the heart that I wanted you to come here for. God has taught me this way, that we should all come together in it....

November 1852

Tamahana Te Rauparaha

Creator(s): Anonymous; Tamahana Te Rauparaha

... Then all the work was finished. All was quiet. Then I thought about coming to England, to see the place from which the gospel had come to us....

December 1852

Tamahana Te Rauparaha

Creator(s): Anonymous; Tamahana Te Rauparaha

... And now, my dear fathers in Christ, good bye. I thank you again for all your love in taking care of the souls of my people in New Zealand, and of my body while I have been in your land....

May 1853

Africa Considered in its Social and Political Condition

Creator(s): Selim Aga

... I have always labored under the idea that man likes to hear the adventures of his fellow man, and, actuated by that impulse, I will relate a brief account of my history before laying down my plan for the amelioration of my native country....

June 1853

The Native Institution at Waikato Heads, New Zealand

Creator(s): Anonymous; John Huki

... If God is pleased that I should return well, it is well: if He wills that I should die now, it is well. But I forget not God: I pray for myself to God, for my children, and for my wife ...

July 1853

Obituary of Arokkia Nadan

Creator(s): Anonymous; John Devasagayam

... As he was a man of property and exemplary conduct, he was appointed a headman of the congregation. He evinced a particular desire for the conversion of the heathen....

September 1853

Trials of Converts in India

Creator(s): Anonymous; Jagadishwar Bhattachargya

... she urged every argument and entreaty in her power to persuade her son to go back to heathenism; but finding they were ineffectual, she stretched herself on the bare ground, and raised another most piteous howling ...

November 1853

Destructive Fire at Abbeokuta

Creator(s): Anonymous; T[homas] King

... Of all the fires that have occurred in this town, that of to-day was the greatest. The rapidity that attended its progress, and the destruction of lives and property it occasioned, has no equal since the commencement of Abbeokuta ...

June 1854

"What Have I to Do Any More with Idols?"

Creator(s): Anonymous; James White; C.A. Gollmer

... "I have heard," said she, "that you have become a book-woman" (Christian). "Yes," Ige replied, "I have served idols long enough, and I now determine to try this new mode of worshipping God." ...

July 1854

Confessions of an Idolater

Creator(s): Anonymous; S[amuel] Crowther, jun.

... I explained to him accordingly the principles of the Christian religion, and pointed him to Jesus Christ, who, I told him, was evidently drawing him, by the lovely cords of His Holy Spirit, to Himself....

March 1856

[Abdul] Meseeh's Hymn

Creator(s): Anonymous; Abdool Meseeh

... Beloved Savior let not me
In thy kind heart forgotten be:
Of all that deck the field or bower,
Thou art the fairest, sweetest flower....

January 1870

South Seas.—Mangaia

Creator(s): Anonymous; Sadaraka

... God forbid that the tares of the enemy should ever be cast into our hearts, and may God grant that the generation to follow us may be kept steadfast....

September 1872

Graham's Town District

Creator(s): Anonymous; [W.J. Davis]; James Lewana

... Since you left me in charge of this Circuit I have see the mighty power of God in calling sinners to repentance, and to Himself. Both in Graham's Town and Spring Vale, and at Assagai Bush, many have been converted from their heathenism ...

November 1872

South Africa. Graham's Town District

Creator(s): Anonymous; Charles Pamla; Boyce Mama

... It is scarcely four months since I have been sent to this station, and the Lord has owned my labours here; a hundred and eighty heathens have been converted in my Circuit....

March 1874

The Rev. Imadudden, of Umritsur

Creator(s): Anonymous; Imaduddin

... The celebrant must first perform his ablutions on the bank of a flowing stream, and, wearing an unsewn dress, must sit in a particular manner on one knee for twelve days ...

April 1874

Praying for Rain in China. Plain Directions as to Prayer for Rain

Creator(s): A.E. Moule; Dziao

... Listen, O all ye people round,
Repent! let long dumb conscience sound:
Come to the throne of God above,
And pray for the rain on thirsty ground....

April 1874

Day-Spring in the Far West. Sketches of Mission Work in British North America

Creator(s): [M.E.J.]; Henry Budd

... I am always particularly encouraged at the Sunday duties; for I feel that I am preaching to a people that understand me....

May 1874

My Parentage and Early Career as a Slave

Creator(s): Selim Aga

... Late at night we reached a few farm-houses, and here, without even getting a drink of water, I was tied hands and feet and laid on the bare ground to rest....

May 1874

The False and the True Vasanta Rayar

Creator(s): Sargent; Anonymous

... All who write, or read, or hear and worship this book, whatever be their present age, will be prosperous till he, Vasanta Rayar, come....

June 1874

Gleanings from Recent Letters. Preaching on a Tricycle

Creator(s): Anonymous; F.J. de Rozario

... Very frequently the traveling groups rest themselves for a while on the roadside. He also stops and preaches....

July 1874

Gleanings from Recent Letters. Baptism and Death of an Aged Yoruba Woman

Creator(s): Anonymous; Daniel Olubi

... My dear aunt Joanna Ebiba gently sleeps to-day in Jesus' loving arms, after a long illness of six months....

August 1874

Gleanings from Recent Letters. Letter from a Maori Clergyman

Creator(s): Anonymous; Matiu Taupaki

... My heart has been made glad this year by seeing the general improvement of people amongst whom I labour. They have progressed in good things more than any previous year....

September 1874

A Hindu's Narrative of His Own Conversion

Creator(s): Anonymous; [John Cain]; Anonymous; A.S.

... Until that moment I had felt great fear on account of wild beasts and monkeys, for I was alone; but now I felt as if God were with me, and my fears vanished, and then I slept quietly until the morning....

November 1874

Henry Boston, African Native Pastor

Creator(s): Anonymous; [L. Nicholson]; Nathaniel Henry Boston

... and send you a short account of my late dear and much lamented father, the Rev. Henry Boston, of the Bullom Mission....

November 1874

Day-Spring in the Far West. Sketches of Mission Work in British North America

Creator(s): [M.E.J.]; Henry Budd

... I am thankful to be able to say, that if the Devon Indians are improving in their temporal condition, they are, I humbly trust, no less improving in their spiritual....

November 1874

The Missionary Bee-Hive

Creator(s): Anonymous; Anonymous

... If I be a good boy, master will give me something like a little book and other things which Church Missionary Society sent, for master make he must give all school-boys and school-girls....

December 1874

The "Gleaner" in the Timneh Country

Creator(s): Anonymous; Nathaniel M. Bull

... A week ago two Lokkoh men came to me on a visit. I drew them to converse much about sacred things....

December 1874

A Negro Clergyman at Nazareth

Creator(s): Anonymous; Henry Johnson

... Night had closed in upon us when we arrived at Nazareth. Nothing could have been more lovely than the peculiar brilliancy of the moon that night....

December 1874

Jamaica—The Native Pastorate

Creator(s): Anonymous; Jacob Walker

... Also the volume of Biblical and generaI literature I promised to use for my own spiritual and intellectual improvement, for the good of the church, and for the glory of God....

January 1875

Gleanings from Recent Letters. A Conversation with Yoruba Market Women

Creator(s): Anonymous; James White; Anonymous Yoruba Market Women

... I walked up to them, and, having saluted them, I accused them of hatred against God, and grounded my charge on the fact of their obstinate refusal to enter into the House of God....

February 1875

Gleanings from Recent Letters. A Hindu Clergyman and his Heathen Father

Creator(s): Anonymous; G. Krishnayya

... Visited my parents to-day at their house, and spent this evening in trying to persuade my old father to accept salvation through Jesus Christ....

February 1875

"Not Far From the Kingdom of God"

Creator(s): Anonymous; [Vaughan]; Anonymous

... I am always very thankful to you for your kind exertions to save my soul from eternal ruin....

February 1875

Rearrangements of the Madagascar Mission

Creator(s): Anonymous; Ranavolmanjaka; Rainilaiarivony

... to the effect that there shall be no further importation of people brought from beyond the seas (i.e., from Africa) to be made slaves here in my kingdom....

March 1875

The First Native Clergyman in India

Creator(s): Anonymous; Abdul Messeeh

... Beloved Saviour! let not me
In Thy kind heart forgotten be!
Of all that deck the field or bower,
Thou are the sweetest, fairest flower....

March 1875

Gleanings from Recent Letters. The Gospel Preached by a Captive Yoruba Girl

Creator(s): Anonymous; Daniel Olubi

... But before they left the chief's presence the girl stood up and assured the relatives," I shall willingly obey and do your orders; but if you will stop my going to church, I prefer death rather than obey you." ...

April 1875

Sick and Dying Christians in Yoruba

Creator(s): Anonymous; Samuel Johnson; Samuel Cole; T.B. Wright; Samuel Pearce; D. Williams

... The Lord was most graciously pleased to beckon home to the heavenly rest two of His dear children from our midst....

April 1875

Gleanings from Recent Letters. How Collections are Made at Abeokuta

Creator(s): Anonymous; D. Williams

... Had our missionary meeting for collection towards the Native Pastorate. It was opened with singing, reading a portion of Scritpure from Hebrews vi., and prayer....

1 July 1875

A Trip Up the Congo or Zaire River

Creator(s): Richard F. Burton, Selim Aga

... Before starting on an exploratory journey into any part of Africa, it is essential that the traveller should be properly equipped and provided with the necessary kit both for the inward and outward man...

January 1876


Creator(s): Anonymous; Nee Sima

... Then I told him that he must worship that God, the only one God, the Creator of the universe, the Saviour of mankind, the God of his American friends....

May 1877

South Africa

Creator(s): J.M. Dwane

... I must tell you something about our Church. In doing this I shall confine myself to the Native Circuit, which is now entirely separate from the English....

October 1877


Creator(s): Anonymous; Ranavolmanjaka

... And if there is any one who will not obey this edict, but still holds the Mozambiques as slaves, I shall count such as criminals, and the penalty of the laws shall be enforced upon them....

February 1878

Central South Africa

Creator(s): Anonymous; Diphukwe

... What the love of ivory could not do the love of Jesus Christ had done. The love of Christ had brought him again to the town of the Batauana, and a wagon-load of ivory could not have brought him....

January 1904

A Letter from Robert Mashaba

Creator(s): Anonymous; Robert N. Mashaba

... During all the time I was in exile in the Isle of Fogo, in the Cape Verde Archipelago, I have experienced how strong are the bonds of brotherhood in Christ...