“The Rev. Imadudden, of Umritsur”

BIPOC Voices in the Victorian Periodical Press

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Head and shoulders portrait of Rev. Imadudden.

I left everybody, and went out into the jungles, and became a fakir, putting on clothes covered with red ochre, and wandered here and there, from city to city, and from village to village, step by step, alone, for about 2,500 miles, without plan or baggage. In this state I entered the city of Karuli, where a stream called Cholida flows beneath a mountain, and there I stayed to perform the "Hisbul bahar," according to the following rules:—The celebrant must first perform his ablutions on the bank of a flowing stream, and, wearing an unsewn dress, must sit in a particular manner on one knee for twelve days, and repeat the prayer called "Jugopar" thirty times every day with a loud voice. He must not eat any food with salt, or anything at all except some barley bread, of flour lawfully earned, which he has made with his own hands, and baked with wood that he has brought himself from the jungles. During the day he must fast entirely, after performing his ablutions in the river before daylight; and he must remain barefooted, wearing no shoes; nor must he touch any man, nor, except at an appointed time, even speak to any one. The object of it all is that he may meet with God, and from the longing desire to attain this, I underwent all this pain. In addition to the above, I wrote the name of God on paper during this time 125,000 times, and I cut out each word separately with scissors, and wrapped them up each in a little ball of flour, and fed the fishes of the river with them, as my book on the practice of devotion prescribed.


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Title: “The Rev. Imadudden, of Umritsur”

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Publication date: (1874) 2022

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Critical encoding: Kenneth C. Crowell, Cassie Fletcher, Jocelyn Spoor, Adrian S. Wisnicki

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Cite (Chicago Author-Date): Anonymous, and Imaduddin. (1874) 2022. “The Rev. Imadudden, of Umritsur.” Edited by Kenneth C. Crowell, Cassie Fletcher, and Jocelyn Spoor. In “BIPOC Voices,” One More Voice, solidarity edition; Collaborative Organization for Virtual Education (COVE). https://onemorevoice.org/html/bipoc-voices/digital-editions-amd/liv_026028_HTML.html.

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