“Day-Spring in the Far West. Sketches of Mission Work in British North America”

BIPOC Voices in the Victorian Periodical Press

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Sketches of Mission Work in British North America.



In a letter dated August 19, 1871, Mr. Budd writes thus:—

The growing population of Devon, and the endeavours of the people towards improvement in temporal as well as spiritual matters, give me full employment on the spot, and leave little room for visiting and seeing the Indians at other places. We see here new houses putting up every year, the soil ploughed up, the seed put in, parks and fences rising up here and there, until very little land is left for the cattle to graze upon. All this spring I was delighted to see them, each one trying to break up his own piece of land, and planting his potatoes in it, and now they have potatoes growing up nicely, and there is promise of a good harvest. The people have effectually put down the sale of any spirituous liquors among themselves, and now that the law has passed forbidding it, we trust we shall never see any more of that soul-destroying article of trade among our people.

The Sunday services have been regularly attended by all the people when they are at home. It is seldom that all our people are at home together. Most of the strong and able go about hunting during winter, leaving their families sometimes, and at other times taking them with them. During the summer months the strong men are away tripping in the boats; but as the population is yearling increasing, we still have plenty at home who fill the church Sabbath by Sabbath. I am always particularly encouraged at the Sunday duties; for I feel that I am preaching to a people that understand me. The Sunday-school is not less encouraging. Here we have children and young people attending, many of them reading with fluency the Word of God in their own language. They manage to read it in their own language so much quicker than in English, and of course at once understand what they are reading about. This and the day-school I have to conduct myself, with the help of a young man whom I am training for a teacher.


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