“Gleanings from Recent Letters. Letter from a Maori Clergyman”

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Gleanings from Recent Letters.


Letter from a Maori Clergyman.

Our readers will be interested to read one of the annual reports re- ceived from the Native Pastors in New Zealand, printed without altera- tion and abridgement. It is from the Rev. Matiu Taupaki:—

"Paihia, November 30, 1873.

"Sires, my Fathers,—Salutations to you! Through the mercy of God we have all been well during the year.

My heart has been made glad this year by seeing the general improvement of people amongst whom I labour. They have progressed in good things more than any previous year. Progress is evident in (1) their orderly behaviour church; there no misconduct kind. (2) Not only case appointed places worship at home, but also when assembled for divine service working places. (3) Readiness with which carry out all wishes and do what recommend. (4) Regular attendance bible classes after sunday services. (5) Observance offertory collections, however small may be.

"Another proof of their progress is the love they have shown me in collecting £14 for the purchase of a new boat for me. They have in many places discontinued the old custom of exhuming the bones of their friends. In former years this practice was very common, and was always attended with much evil; but now it has been given up by those tribes which were formerly addicted to it."

"Again, those places which I reported as being dark (bad) are now light. My heart used to be very sad about them, for their works were those of the heathen; but now they are better, having turned to good things. They would come to service only when I visited them, and had none after I went away; but now they assemble on Sundays and have prayers amongst themselves.

"O Sirs, I thank God for the method of which men are brought to become His children. The sower sows, that is his work; but He who causes the seed to grow is greater than he. Thus St. Paul's words are true: 'Neither is he that planteth anything, neither he that watereth, but God that giveth the increase."

"The people who assembled in the different places in my district for worship numbered 736: Communicants, 134; Adult baptisms, 3; Infant baptisms, 33; People confirmed, 11.

"From your son in the Lord,"

"Matiu Taupaki."


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