“Gleanings from Recent Letters. Preaching on a Tricycle”

BIPOC Voices in the Victorian Periodical Press

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Gleanings from Recent Letters.


Preaching on a Tricycle.

The Rev. F. J. de Rozario, of Agurpura, Bengal, writes:—

Baboo Guruchurn Bose, who has been with me since his conversion in 1842, as head master of the English school, and has always assisted me in preaching the Gospel to the heathen, is now, notwithstanding his laborious duties in the school, out every morning and evening, combining exercise with preaching. He starts on his tricycle about four or five in the morning, and goes a great distance towards either end of the Barrackpore road. On his way he invariably finds groups of men and women, either as travellers from great distances, or as vendors of vegetables going to the different markets. When they are proceeding in the same direction with him, he joins them and enters into religious conversations, and points out to them Jesus Christ as the only Saviour of sinners. Should he meet such groups going in the opposite direction, he turns and accompanies them, speaking all the while about the salvation of their souls. Very frequently the traveling groups rest themselves for a while on the roadside. He also stops and preaches. Presently other groups come up, one after another, and form a large body of hearers of the Gospel. Thus distant people from cities and villages hear of Christ and His salvation.

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Title: “Gleanings from Recent Letters. Preaching on a Tricycle”

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