“Day-Spring in the Far West. Sketches of Mission Work in British North America”

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Day-Spring in the Far West.

Sketches of Mission Work in British North America.

IX.—Results of the Work.


Again, the effect of the faith in the heart is manifested by these Christian Indians in their hour of death. The Rev. H. Budd, himself a first-fruit of the Indian people, writes from Cumberland:—

"I went to visit a poor woman who has been suffering a long time; she suffers patiently and submissively. Asking her whom she trusted in, she replied, 'None but the Saviour.' 'Have you any fear of death?' 'Not while the Saviour is with me.' 'What is the Saviour to you?' 'He is everything to me.'"


From Devon, Mr. Budd writes in 1872:—

"I am thankful to be able to say, that if the Devon Indians are improving in their temporal condition, they are, I humbly trust, no less improving in their spiritual. If we may judge of the tree by its fruit, I witness enough to make me hope that they are growing in the Divine life, and increasing in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour. An increasing thirst for the Word of God is manifest by their regular attendance on the preached Word; their punctual attendance on all the means of grace; as well by the labour and toil they will take in travelling so far in the cold and snow to be present at each returning Sacrament day. Christ Church tells that the population in Devon is growing; it is sometimes full to overflowing. The regularity of the responses in the services, and the hearty singing, show that the congregation understand and value the services. The Cumberland House Indians have begun to build houses for themselves like the Devon Indians. Here they assemble on Sundays, and, as many of them can read in their own language, they have their books both Prayer-book and the New Testament, and can hold regular services among themselves."


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