“The Missionary Bee-Hive”

BIPOC Voices in the Victorian Periodical Press

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The Missionary Bee-Hive.


The bookcase also contains a photographic album, with many interesting portraits of Missionaries and Missionary scenes; also a letter-book containing interesting letters from Missionaries, converts, and others, from various parts of the great Mission field. One letter we may be allowed to copy: it is from a little negro boy, addressed to his Missionary when leaving his station for England. The little fellow says, "Please, sir, when you go England, make you tell all schoolboys that live in England I hope they quite well. I live in Church Missionary School. If I be a good boy, master will give me something like a little book and other things which Church Missionary Society sent, for master make he must give all school-boys and school-girls." The request is an extensive one; but the simplicity of the yound letter-writer is apparent.


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Title: “The Missionary Bee-Hive”

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