“‘Not Far From the Kingdom of God’”

BIPOC Voices in the Victorian Periodical Press

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"Not Far from the Kingdom of God"


[...] One man wrote to Mr. Vaughan in these most touching words:—

I am always very thankful to you for your kind exertions to save my soul from eternal ruin. I am not one of those who hold that Baptism is merely an outward ceremony, and not required for our salvation, yet such is my weakness that I cannot make up my mind to sacrifice a little earthly comfort for its sake. I am fully aware that I am pursuing a wrong course, and that if I wait for a "convenient time" that time may not come to me at all; but what shall I do? I have been delaying for a long time to confess openly the Saviour to whom alone I look for salvation. I need nothing to be convinced that I am doing wrong, and yet I cannot go up boldly to you to receive Baptism.

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Creator(s): Anonymous; [Vaughan]; Anonymous

Title: “‘Not Far From the Kingdom of God’”

Publication date: (1875) 2022

Digital publishers: One More Voice, COVE

Critical encoding: Kenneth C. Crowell, Cassie Fletcher, Adrian S. Wisnicki

One More Voice identifier: liv_026045

Cite (Chicago Author-Date): Anonymous, [Vaughan], and Anonymous. (1875) 2022. “‘Not Far From the Kingdom of God.’” Edited by Kenneth C. Crowell and Cassie Fletcher. In “BIPOC Voices,” One More Voice, solidarity edition; Collaborative Organization for Virtual Education (COVE). https://onemorevoice.org/html/bipoc-voices/digital-editions-amd/liv_026045_HTML.html.

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