“India. Bellary”

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The following pleasing notices apply to two individuals—a man and his wife—who were recently baptized by the Rev. J. Shrieves, by whom the communications were translated from Tamil into English:—

The Autobiography of Poonapun, a Heathen, Baptized on February 17, 1850, by the Name of Nathaniel.

"I was born at Madras in 1833, of heathen parents, and from my infancy was brought up in the superstitions and follies of idolatry. I followed the vain customs and manners of my fellow-idolaters, and wholly gave myself up to the pleasures of this sinful world, and was quite indifferent to the consequences of such a course till 1848; when God, who is rich in mercy, had compassion on me, and, though I was ignorant of Him, yet, by His kind providence, so ordered that I should be employed as a maty in the service of the Rev. Mr. Wardlaw, when I was led to read the blessed gospel, and attend the services of the sanctuary, and in course of time felt in some measure impressed as to the truth of Christianity, and the folly and sin of idolatry. About this time, through temptation, I fell into sin; and, after some time elapsed, I was united in matrimony to a young woman connected with the church and congregation assembling at the Mission Chapel. After my marriage, I entered into the employ of a pious doctor, located in the cantonment, and attended the Tamil services held at the Rev. J. Shrieves' house, and was instructed at my house by Lazarus, catechist; when I was led deeply to feel and lament my lost and miserable condition, and my need of salvation: consequently, I went to Mr. Shrieves, and was duly instructed from time to time in the doctrines and precepts of the gospel; and, having cast myself at the foot of the cross, and sought the mercy of the Lord with weeping and supplication, I obtained peace and joy, and on February 17, 1850, before the church and congregation, I was questioned relative to my knowledge and experience by the Rev. J. Shrieves, and baptized in the name of the Triune Jehovah, and admitted into church-fellowship. May the Lord enable me to glorify Him by a consistent walk and conversation to the end of my life! to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen."

Autobiography of Authautchee, (Wife of Nathaniel,) Baptized on February 17, 1850.

"I was born at Madras in the year 1833 of Roman Catholic parents, and was brought up in superstition. In the year 1840, my mother, hearing of her mother's illness at Bangalore, took me with her to see her, and found her very ill. After a while it pleased the Lord to restore her to health and strength; therefore my mother returned to Madras to my father, but left me with my grandmother. As my grandmother was a member of the church in connexion with the London Missionary Society—having been baptized and received into church-fellowship by the late Rev. J. Reid, at Bellary—she with affection instructed me in Divine things; and, in order that I might be educated and duly trained up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, sent me to the Tamil Mission School. Aboul a year after, my grandmother returned with me to Bellary, and soon after I was placed under the care of my uncle, Catechist John Stevenson, who not only sent me to the Mission School, but carefully instructed me at home. I am sorry to say that I did not benefit, but continued hardened and indifferent to the concerns of my immortal soul. However, when I was married, I was, by the providence of God, brought under the ministry of the Rev. J. Shrieves; and being instructed by Catechist John Craven at my house, I was led to reflect with sorrow on my sinfulness and hardness of heart, in having turned a deaf ear to the instructions of my grandmother, uncle, and others; and feeling the terrors of the wrath to come, I sought the Lord with tears and supplication. In course of time I obtained peace and comfort; and, feeling desirous to put on the Lord Jesus by baptism, and unite with his people, I made my mind known to Mr. Shrieves, who after instructing me, baptized me on February 17, 1850, with my husband, and admitted me into church-fellowship. I have here to acknowledge the goodness of God in separating me from my parents, who are still adhering to the errors of popery, and bringing me to the knowledge and possession of His righteousness, which is by faith in Christ Jesus, to whom be glory and honour for ever and ever. Amen."

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Title: “India. Bellary”

Subtitle(s): “The Autobiography of Poonapun, a Heathen, Baptized on February 17, 1850, by the Name of Nathaniel” | “Autobiography of Authautchee, (Wife of Nathaniel,) Baptized on February 17, 1850”

Creator(s): Anoymous; Poonapun; Authautchee

Translator(s): J. Shrieves

Publication date: (1850) 2022

Digital publishers: One More Voice, COVE

Critical encoding: Trevor Bleick, Kenneth C. Crowell, Kasey Peters, Adrian S. Wisnicki

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