“Graham's Town District”

BIPOC Voices in the Victorian Periodical Press

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Graham's Town District.


The following is an extract received by Mr. Davis some time since from the Rev. James Lewana, the Native Minister who was left by Mr. Davis in charge of the native Circuit in Graham's Town, where he was labouring previous to his leaving Africa on a visit England.

"To me it is a matter of much thankfulness to God to hear how the hand of the Lord has brought you and your family safely through those great waters, to again see you friends, and the land from which God the Spirit called you to come and tell us the way to salvation; we who were in great darkness, as all our fathers were in time past; but now light has begun to shine among us through your ministrations and others in the Gospel of Christ, and for which we all give thanks to Him who is Lord over all things. Since you left me in charge of this Circuit I have seen the mighty power of God in calling sinners to repentance, and to Himself. Both in Graham's Town and Spring Vale, and at Assagai Bush, many have been converted from their heathenism, and have joined the classes; at Assagai Bush fifty are joined to the Society, and at Spring Vale, a new place, ten have been publicly baptized, and eleven are on trial, and here in Graham's Town our members have increased, and our subscriptions also. We have just held our Missionary meeting, and Brother Charles Pamla came from Peddie to help at our services. A very good work took place, and many found the blessing of peace with God. The number converted during our Missionary services is fifty, who have all begun to meet in class. Thus has God wrought for us, and we thank Him for His great goodness in thus blessing our labours, and bringing souls from among the heathen to the knowledge of the truth of Christ, which is able to save the soul."

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Title: “Graham's Town District”

Creator(s): Anonymous; [W.J. Davis]; James Lewana

Publication date: (1872) 2022

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Critical encoding: Trevor Bleick, Kenneth C. Crowell, Kasey Peters, Adrian S. Wisnicki

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Cite (Chicago Author-Date): Anonymous, [W.J. Davis], and James Lewana. (1872) 2022. “Graham's Town District.” Edited by Trevor Bleick, Kenneth C. Crowell, and Kasey Peters. In “BIPOC Voices,” One More Voice, solidarity edition; Collaborative Organization for Virtual Education (COVE). https://onemorevoice.org/html/bipoc-voices/digital-editions-soas/liv_025194_HTML.html.

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