Page Inscribed to Lea W. Lindolph

0001 Page inscribed by Onoto Watanna to Lea W. Lindolph and dated “Chicago June 17 1899.”

Item Details

Creator(s) & contributor(s): Onoto Watanna

Date(s): 17 June 1899

Place(s) of creation: Chicago

Original publication details: In Miss Numè of Japan: A Japanese-American Romance, by Onoto Watanna, n.p. Chicago; New York: Rand, McNally & Company Publishers, 1899.

Digital edition & date: One More Voice, 2020

Digital object curation: Adrian S. Wisnicki

Cite this digital edition (MLA): Watanna, Onoto. “Page Inscribed to Lea W. Lindolph” (17 June 1899). One More Voice, site launch edition, 2020,

Rights: Public domain image.

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