Semane Khama (seated), Tshekedi Khama (standing, background), and councillors (all standing).

Visual Materials

  • Date (publication and updates): 2020-22
  1. Overview
  2. Creators
  3. Manuscripts
  4. Objects
  5. Page Citation
  6. Lead Image Details


This section presents a selection of visual materials relevant to One More Voice and so complements the items found on the pages for recovered texts, book-length works, and motions pictures. The section includes images (photographs and illustrations) of the creators featured on the site, a small number of relevant manuscripts, and an assortment of objects (paintings, photographs, other objects), including works by contemporaneous artists from around the globe. Creator images are arranged alphabetically by subject, while manuscripts and creatives works are organized by creator. For each item, the page provides a thumbnail image that links to the full documentary record for the given item and to a larger-resolution, uncropped version of the item image.


Click on thumbnails for item details and uncropped images