“H.C.G., Gill, Susi, Feragi”

0001 Abdullah Susi, Henry Charles Goodyear, [?] Gill, and Feragi posed near decorated doorway.

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Henry Charles Goodyear
1857 – 1889

Photographic Archive

Annotated on the Reverse:
H.C.G., Gill, Susi, Feragi

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Left to right
‘David Susi’
– (servant to Dr. Livingstone), Gill, Goodyear & Feragi

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Creator(s): Henry Charles Goodyear

Date(s): [24 August 1886]

Place(s) of creation: [Zanzibar]

Repository: Yale University. Divinity School. Library (New Haven, CT, United States)

Shelfmark / Identifier: Record Group 30, Box 454, Folder 10

Digital edition & date: One More Voice, 2021

Digital object curation: Adrian S. Wisnicki

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