“Autograph of Shaka”

0001 Handwritten note concluded “Chaka's Mark written by him” followed by a signature in a separate hand.

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Plate 2 Autograph of Shaka

Tracing of a faint pencilled note (now in the Cape Archives), date “Port Natal Sept. 10th 1882” and addressed by Lt. Farewell to Major Dundas, Landdrost of Albany, and sent over by the hand of John Cane. It was received 11th Oct. 1882. It reads: “King Chaka of the Zooloes send to King George for presents of Elephans teeth and want in returns Cows tails Medicine Large dogs Macassar Oil etc.” and on the reverse: [“]Chaka's Mark written by him .....”

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Creator(s) & contributor(s): Shaka kaSenzangakhona; Francis George Farewell

Date(s): 10 September 1828; 1838

Place(s) of creation: Port Natal

Original publication details: In History of Matiwane and the Amangwane Tribe: As Told by Msebenzi to His Kinsman Albert Hlongwane, by Msebenzi and Albert Hlongwane, opposite 18. Edited by N.J. van Warmelo. Pretoria: The Government Printer, The Union of South Africa, 1938.

Digital edition & date: One More Voice, 2021

Digital object curation: Adrian S. Wisnicki

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