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Motion Pictures

  • Date (publication and updates): 2020-22
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  5. British-Led Colonial Films
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One More Voice curates links to a small selection of relevant, publicly-available motion pictures and sound recordings. The selection is by no means comprehensive and does not seek to be so. Rather, the selection offers site visitors an opportunity to move beyond One More Voice's primary focus on visual materials and written texts (recovered texts and book-length works), and, in some cases, to see and hear the individuals who feature elsewhere on the site.

The motion picture section also suggests further areas for investigation by scholars, teachers, and students. In fact, part of this section's critical intervention centers on introducing such items to audiences who may not be familiar with them. For historical context, the section also includes links to a small set of British-led colonial films. We welcome suggestions for additional items or categories of items to include in this section. Site visitors might also want to consult the Colonial Film project and the British Film Institute's India: 1899-1947 collection.

Special thanks to Philip Allfrey for helping with the accessibility coding for this page and to Mary Borgo Ton, director of Shining Lights, and Tom Rice, author of Films for the Colonies, for assisting with relevant research.